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Mego Mystery Box - Series 3

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What is a MEGO Mystery Box? A MEGO Mystery Box contains 4 MEGO figures from all different Waves. To make it even more interesting, we will randomly select orders as our MEGO Super Mystery Box winners to include 2 extra figures (yes, for a total of 6 figures!) The odds of you receiving a MEGO Super Mystery Box are 1 out of 10... will you be the lucky winner?


Here are some initial questions you may have:

Will there be current Wave figures in the MEGO Mystery Box? YES - every MEGO Mystery Box order will include at least one figure from the current Wave.

Will this MEGO Mystery Box be limited? YES. We are looking to roll out multiple Series of MEGO Mystery Boxes. For Series 3, there will be a limit to 20 orders. More to come on future series!

Can you guarantee card conditions in my MEGO Mystery Box? No. While we cannot guarantee the conditions of the cards or figures, we will do our best to ensure the products are in great condition. However, there may have a slight dent or crease here or there.

Can I exchange or return my figures from my MEGO Mystery Box? No. Since there's no guarantee on the conditions of the cards and figures, all sales will be final of the MEGO Mystery Box.

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