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The Invisible Man (1933 Claude Rains) Horror Display Film Cell

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Take a step back into the era of classic horror with this FilmCells presentation. This special edition framed collectible contains five clips of real 35m film from the movie. A scientist turns himself invisible. However the formula slowly drives him insane causing him to terrorize the countryside as an invisible killer.

  • 13” x 11” black mdf frame
  • Special edition collectible
  • Real film from the movie
  • Certificate of authenticity


FilmCells Presentations
Each officially licensed FilmCells presentation is made with careful attention to detail. It is double matted, placed in a quality frame, and contains an acrylic front and back that allows natural light to enhance the film frames. This is all put together to bring you a collectible that looks great in any room.  

Each piece of film is hand-cut from reels to provide you with the best possible scenes to offer a unique and varied product. The film strip portrayed in the image above is only an example of the film cells you may receive. Please note, the cells may vary from piece to piece as they are hand selected from reels of film.