Star Trek Original Series Presentation Film Cell

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Star Trek Original Series Presentation Film Cell

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The adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise representing the United Federation of Planets on a five-year mission in outer space to explore new worlds seek new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no man has gone before. The Enterprise is commanded by handsome and brash Captain James T. Kirk. His First Officer and best friend is Mr. Spock from the planet Vulcan and Kirk's Medical Officer is Dr. McCoy. With its crew of approximately 430 the Enterprise battles aliens megalomanical computers time paradoxes psychotic murderers and even Genghis Khan!

13" x 11"
Filmcell Clips
Limited Edition 1000

The film strip portrayed in the image above is only an example of the film cells you may receive. Please note, the cells may vary from piece to piece because they are hand selected from reels of film. * When a product title is a TV show or contains music footage, we may use digital film.

This item contains clips of film, an image portraying the movie(s), artist(s) or character(s) and a stunning descriptive plaque. These elements have been double mounted and placed within a beautiful black wood frame. Each item comes with a certificate stating its authenticity.


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