Mego Planet of The Apes Wave 13 - General Ursus 8" Action Figure

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  • Planet Of The Apes General Ursus
  • Official Edition Action Figure with Original Detail and Quality!
  • 8-Inch Figure.
  • 14 Point Articulation.


General Ursus is the Gorilla General in Ape city in the second POTA Movie, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, serving as the main antagonist of the film. Ursus was played by James Gregory.

At a meeting of the ape council, General Ursus uses the recent raids by wild humans as a cover to invade the Forbidden Zone where few apes have ventured since the beginning of their society. Ursus thinks a tribe of humans lives there, due to his gorilla scouts failing to return from the zone. Ursus is successful and assembles a gorilla army, which marches into the Forbidden Zone accompanied by Dr Zaius. The group of intelligent mutants that dwell in the Forbidden Zone use their psychic powers to deter the apes, Ursus and his gorillas are frightened but Dr Zaius becomes enraged charging forward. Ursus and his soldiers then follow Zaius finding the entrance to the mutant city and leads the apes into the heart of the mutant world which houses a nuclear weapon. Ursus meets the mutant leader, who is killed and commands for the nuclear weapon to be pulled own. Zaius pleads with Ursus not to touch the missile, fearing it's true intent. Ursus ignores him but is shot dead by Taylor and Brent as the humans try and prevent damage to the bomb.


About MEGO Corporation

Originally founded in 1954 by Dave Abrams, Marty Abrams, now commonly known as 'the father of action figures,' took the helm of the company in 1971 and shifted the direction to licensed action figures.  He included the 'World’s Greatest Super Heroes' line), celebrity dolls, and the Micronauts toy line. Mego became famous for its 8-inch scale figures with interchangeable bodies. Eventually, this became an industry standard.

Mego Corporation re-launched in 2018 with a partnership between Marty Abrams and Joel Rosenzweig, focusing on 8-inch Action figures and launching with popular licenses from CBS, Warner Brothers, Sony, and Epic.

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