Mego Horror Wave 15 - Hammer Plague of the Zombies (Variant) 8" Action Figure

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  • Hammer Plague of the Zombies (Variant)
  • Reanimated Corpse with Black Robes.
  • Official Edition Action Figure with Original Detail and Quality!
  • 8-Inch Figure.
  • 14 Point Articulation.



“Only The Lord Of The Dead Could Unleash Them!” Hammer Horror’s The Plague of the Zombies. In a quaint Cornish village, inhabitants are dying from an ominous plague that is spreading at an uncontrollable rate. “Someone in this village is practicing witchcraft. That corpse wandering on the moors is an undead, a zombie.” Do you dare enter the abandoned mine … can you thwart the army of walking Zombies and free the village from the evil spell?

Doomed to walk the Earth as slaves of the undead … can they be stopped?!!?


 About MEGO Corporation

Originally founded in 1954 by Dave Abrams, Marty Abrams, now commonly known as 'the father of action figures,' took the helm of the company in 1971 and shifted the direction to licensed action figures.  He included the 'World’s Greatest Super Heroes' line), celebrity dolls, and the Micronauts toy line. Mego became famous for its 8-inch scale figures with interchangeable bodies. Eventually, this became an industry standard.

Mego Corporation re-launched in 2018 with a partnership between Marty Abrams and Joel Rosenzweig, focusing on 8-inch Action figures and launching with popular licenses from CBS, Warner Brothers, Sony, and Epic.